Protect Gresham residents and businesses 

The recent vandalism in Historic Downtown Gresham, while news “worthy”, is not an unfamiliar occurrence in our community. The inexcusable catch and release policies highlighted a part of the broken system many people in Gresham have sadly experienced.

Last week, nearly 100 residents and business owners joined me to discuss their concerns, and possible solutions. I appreciate everyone who showed up and took part in this important conversation.

Our elected leaders must prioritize safety. We are better protected when there is a strong message sent from the County Chair and County commissioners who coordinate with county and local law enforcement leaders to create policies that truly protect our community.

Here’s how you can help

It’s time to take action to tell your elected officials that they need to prioritize public safety in Gresham. 

Follow the instructions in the blue box below to easily send an email to your local and county officials. You can use our email template, or edit it to make it your own.