I’m Councilor Sue Piazza and I believe in Gresham-
the city that has always believed in me.

For over 30 years as local business-woman, and community organizer; I have seen Gresham grow into a wonderfully diverse city.

With my experience and my passion for Gresham, I hope to inspire our city to create an inclusive path forward to a financially healthy and safe city in which to live, work, and play for future generations.

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Family Wage Jobs:

Our local businesses are the backbone of our economic prosperity. Now, more than ever, we must ensure that they have the support they need to succeed, expand and thrive.  A vibrant and growing community will attract new and innovative family wage employers to our city. We must continue to create an environment that supports small startup businesses, who have been through so much during the recent pandemic.

Quality of Life:

I have new and fresh ideas for our city in creating private-public partnerships without adding burdensome taxes.


We need to ensure our police officers and firefighters have the resources they need to keep us safe. This should be one of Gresham’s top priorities and I will work to find ways to fund more officers and firefighters in the city, with culturally sensitive training.


Gresham is one of the most diverse cities in Oregon and I believe in quality of life for all our citizens. We need neighborhoods that fit with different lifestyles and recreating. I support thoughtful community planning where people can come together at town squares to gather, with community centers and parks that support the needs of all families in the local neighborhood.


The city has done a good job with the homeless crisis in Gresham but needs are ever presenting themselves and we can do more moving forward.


Gresham is a vibrant community, with a giving and caring citizenry. A community that has great optimism for its future. I am proud to say that I live here and believe in our future. I would be honored to have your vote.

Sue’s community service:

Gresham has been home to me my whole adult life. Raised in Damascus;  I have a strong work ethic, and a sense of responsibility to give back to my community.

That innate sense spurned me to give my time, talent and finances to serve community needs I saw as they arose.

From giving my financial support to small and large needs across the city to organizing new ways for people to give and support the local area, I have always been inspired to give back and better the community I live in.

In order to achieve these goals, I have worked with many community groups and understand the importance of teamwork.

  •  20 years on the Gresham Barlow Education Foundation, Past President
  • 15 years Gresham Area Chamber of Commerce, Past President
  • 30 years small business owner
  • Founder: 100 Women Who Care East County Chapter
  • Founder: Fab 50 Project
  • Founder: Gresham Helping Gresham Covid-19 Response and Support FB Group
  • Gresham Rotary: Past “Rotarian of the Year”
  • Adventist Hospital: “Hero of the Heart” recipient
  • Legacy Mt. Hood Medical Center: Award Winner
  • 2019 “Volunteer of the Year”, Gresham Chamber of Commerce
  • 2012 “Entrepreneur of the Year”, Gresham Chamber of Commerce