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Gresham Outlook

“When elected, she will bring her fiscal responsibility and know-how to her role as a city councilor. Piazza is more than prepared to take on this role. Elect Sue Piazza to Gresham City Council, Position No. 5.”

The Outlook – Pamplin Media Group
September 4, 2020

Stan Pulliam

“Sue is a community advocate and leader who has the proven track record of uniting people to make actionable change for her community.”

Stan Pulliam
Mayor of Sandy

Bess Wills

“Sue Piazza is the optimal combination of characteristics and abilities that define the perfect City Councilperson; a tireless community volunteer and leader, with years of business acumen–an entrepreneur that built businesses that did more than just make a profit but changed lives, and as a mother and grandmother has a heart, empathy, and compassion for all.”

Bess Wills
Gresham Ford

Casey Ryan

“Most of the time when someone gets elected, they let the “perceived power” inflate their egos.  Once that happens selfish decisions based on keeping that power happens.  Sue Piazza will be one of the few that will stick to her humble spirit and do what is right.  Sue cannot be bought or intimidated.   The Gresham City Council needs more public servants like Sue.”

Casey Ryan
Mayor of Troutdale

Carol Nielsen

“Most of the time when someone gets elected, they let the “perceived power” inflate their egos.  Once that happens selfish decisions based on keeping that power happens.  Sue Piazza will be one of the few that will stick to her humble spirit and do what is right.  Sue cannot be bought or intimated.   The Gresham City Council needs more public servants like Sue.”

Carol Nielsen
Retired Gresham City Councilor

Linda Weber

“Sue Piazza is committed to powerfully represent her community with dedication and skill to make our city be all that it can be. She will stop at nothing to represent all of our best interests with insights, wisdom and unending energy. We definitely need Sue Piazza to be our Gresham City Councilman. Please take this opportunity seriously to better our world here. Vote & support Piazza”

Linda Weber


“Diane and I support Sue Piazza for Gresham City Councilor. Simply she does what she
says she will. Sue is honest, hardworking and will represent all of us well.”

Doug and Diane Walker
Walker Travel

Diane Cordero De Noriega

“Sue has a gift of raising funds for those most in need. From education to organizing 100 Women Who Care, Sue actively and personally supports the Gresham community. Outstanding citizen! “

Diane Cordero De Noriega
Past Rotary District Governor

Leslee Dirk

“Sue is very passionate about the community of Gresham. If you want a person that commits herself 100 percent to the betterment of Gresham then you should vote for Sue. Dedicated, hardworking, unending energy. Sue has made a difference
in so many ways. A true humanitarian. If you want someone to work for you the people of Gresham, then you just might want to vote for Sue.”

Leslee Dirk

Mike Ash

“Vote for Sue Piazza for Gresham City Council!! For nearly 20 years Sue has been a business owner and leader within the Gresham community. She is consistently showing up as a volunteer and organizer for Gresham issues. With today’s leadership issues in Gresham city government, I can not think of a better fit for the city council than Sue Piazza.”

Mike Ash
Gresham City Budget Committee member

Greg Mathews

“I’m proud to support Sue Piazza for Gresham City Council. Over the years, I’ve seen her dedicate countless hours to improve our community while exhibiting a high level of integrity, character and class. Sue is approachable and possesses the wisdom we’ll rely on to help guide Gresham into the future. ”

Greg Matthews
Fire Chief, city of Gresham Retired – Former State Rep House Dist 50

Blake Peterson

Sue Piazza is a visionary whose record of service has brought real improvement to the community I love.

If the community leader we want is someone who improves the lives of our most vulnerable neighbors, one who has vision to make not just temporary but sustainable improvement, and one who understands that the only true leader is a servant first, then Sue is who we want.

Sue has proven time and again that she has the heart to serve, the vision to lead, and the experience to bring lasting improvement to the community we love.

Vote for Sue!

Blake Petersen
Director Gresham Barlow School Dist

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Endorsements Include:

Karylinn Echols
Mayor of Gresham

Diane McKeel
Former Multnomah County Commissioner

Greg Matthews
Former State Representative HD 50. Fire Chief, City of Gresham, Retired

Karen Minnis
Former Speaker of the House

David Widmark
Gresham City Councilor Position 5

Janine Gladfelter
Gresham City Councilor

Jerry Hinton
Gresham City Councilor

Carol Nielsen
Former Gresham City Councilor

Kirk French
Former Gresham City Councilor

Blake Petersen
Gresham Barlow School Dist Board Director

Casey Ryan
Mayor of Troutdale

Stan Pulliam
Mayor of Sandy

Mike Ash
City of Gresham Budget Committee

Paul Drechsler
Gresham Planning and Development Commissioner

Kevin Dahlgren
Community Health Services Advisor, City of Gresham

Nelly Rodriguez
Cita Con Nelly

Art & Gail Abbott
Tammy Allen
Warner & Bonnie Allen
Dan & Marie Anderson
Roy & Beverly Asbahr
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