This is a mirror of my Op-Ed in the Gresham Outlook 10/14/2020:

You and I have done powerful things together. Many of you contributed to my Fab 50 Project, helping local children’s charities.

Hundreds of you have joined me donating to Gresham-Barlow Education Foundation, giving teachers the classroom supplies they need.

Together, we have given to the 100+ Women Who Care Foundation, choosing to help nonprofits most in need in Gresham.

Together, we have reached across all neighborhoods, party lines, and beliefs to support each other on the Gresham Helping Gresham Facebook page.

You and I have chosen to live and give in Gresham. We have done that and are still doing this together. Gresham needs us to come together yet again. Let’s help each other by prioritizing the essential needs of Gresham.

Let’s come together by protecting our police and fire budgets. Let’s help each other by using common sense and good business practices, bringing economic health back to our region. Let’s protect each other from additional tax burdens.

We can come together as a community to address inequities when they arise. As a mother to mixed race children, who was married to an immigrant, I have shared the experience of a new American and understand the concerns many in our community face.

It is important we begin any conversation with kindness, and realize we are neighbors.

This is a nonpartisan position. Too many are trying to create divisive policies and are making assumptions as to my allegiance. My only allegiance is to Gresham. I have 30 years of diverse giving and community support to back that up.

In fact, I care so much about our local community I have vowed to never run for office higher than that of city government.

Our shared challenges of safety, economic opportunity, park funding and water bills are not partisan. They are serious issues that serious people who care about our city should be focused on because those are the real issues that touch all our lives.

We must balance a $13 million deficit projected for the end of 2022. We cannot do that while spending money on nonessential projects. Moving forward we should look to private-public partnerships to help pay for services we all need, avoiding excessive taxes.

This year, we need to help each other get back on our feet. No matter what color, creed, occupation, or address, we all need financial stability and public safety first.

I promise to do my job representing the best interests of everyone in our hometown and will continue to foster opportunities for community involvement. If you vote for me, we will be together at the decision-making table.

One vote. You have a powerful vote. We can save Gresham from Portland-style policy decisions. Let’s do this together.

Sue Piazza is a candidate for Gresham City Council, Position No.5.