My life started in a large Hispanic Family in very humble surroundings. However, as hardworking, law abiding citizens my (7) brothers and sisters have all gone on to have successful and fulfilling lives. None of us were afforded the luxury of a college education but that did not deter us from taking care of our families and giving our children a safe and happy life.

As an adult I have always tried to give back. I enrolled to be in the first CVIP Class in Gresham (Community Volunteers in Policing) as a bilingual volunteer and saw firsthand what our police Department has to cope with on a daily basis.

I deliver Meals on Wheels to Seniors, work on behalf of Rotary and the Gresham Breakfast Lions to support Fill-A-Bag, and read to young people in the new English/Spanish class at North Gresham Elementary-I see so much of myself in those young eyes.

So when I consider who to vote for in this Gresham City Council race I look to those who have demonstrated the caring and desire to volunteer and make a difference in our Community. Carrying a protest sign and calling all cops @#$%^!! does not lift-up our community, it merely divides us and makes it more difficult to move forward. This is an agenda I cannot support.

My friend, Sue Piazza is color blind and has always looked for way to help everyone, including everyone in the process and making sure those that are the most vulnerable in our community are given assistance. I encourage all that can to vote for Sue Piazza!! -BOB AVILA